Wto Tbt Agreement Full Text

Download the full text in: Word > format (6 pages; 104 KB) > pdf format (22 pages; 117 KB) The CTA ensures that technical regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures do not create unnecessary trade barriers. The agreement prohibits technical requirements that are created to restrict trade, contrary to technical requirements created for legitimate purposes, such as consumer or environmental protection. [1] Its objective is to avoid unnecessary barriers to international trade and to recognize all WTO members in order to protect legitimate interests on the basis of their regulatory autonomy, although they encourage the application of international standards. The list of legitimate interests that may justify a trade restriction is not exhaustive and covers the protection of the environment, health and safety of people and animals. [1] 4. Technical expert groups can obtain information and technical advice from all sources they deem appropriate. Before requesting this information or advice from a source under a member`s jurisdiction, a group of technical experts informs the government. Each member responds promptly and fully to any request from a group of technical experts to the information that the group of technical experts deems necessary and appropriate. “compliance assessment,” the method used to determine whether a product meets the requirements of a technical regulation or standard. Under the OBT agreement, the compliance assessment includes: 3.5 members are fully responsible for complying with all provisions of Article 2 under this agreement. Members formulate and suspend positive actions and mechanisms to support compliance with Article 2 provisions by bodies other than the central authorities. 12.8 It is recognized that members of developing countries may face particular problems, including institutional and infrastructure, in the preparation and enforcement of technical regulations, standards and compliance assessment procedures. It is also recognized that the special development and trade needs of members of developing countries, as well as their state of technological development, may hinder their ability to fully meet their obligations under this agreement.

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