Urmc Controlled Substance Agreement

“… We work to ensure that all staff are fully trained to treat medications properly and to speak out when they see a potential quality or safety issue of any kind. As a result of this case, we checked with staff that controlled substances should not be transferred from one staff member to another, except in the event of a real emergency. Pollock was charged with two counts, one of which was a felony, criminal possession of a controlled substance and one count of changing criminal identity, a crime. Siobhan Pollock, 34, was charged with falsifying criminal identity and criminal possession of drugs for posing as a hospital employee and stealing Dilaudid, a form of hydromorphone, from the facility, according to prosecutor Eric T. Schneiderman`s office. “… Like many major hospitals across the country, we use a computerized drug delivery system that keeps drugs blocked and secure, supports the exact distribution of drugs to patients, and keeps an electronic record every time a licensed staff member enters the system. Fortunately, cases of drug diversion are rare; our computer drug management system and the professionalism of our employees create a deterrent to protect our patients.

The Attorney General`s office said Pollock, recently fired from Strong Memorial Hospital, had returned with his gulls from the hospital to rob Dilaudid. Each year, all patients are invited to complete the annual Health History Update form and take it to their family doctor for their next appointment. The investigation was conducted by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the New York State Attorney General. The UR Department of Public Safety and Rochester Police also investigated. All patients must submit this form in their medical records. On this form, the patient lists the names of the people with whom they allow their health team to discuss their protected health information, for example. B laboratory and test results, as well as payment problems. Please fill out this form and bring it to your next appointment or send it to Strong Internal Medicine, 601 Elmwood Ave., Box GMD, Rochester, NY 14642. The Attorney General claimed that Pollock had convinced another nurse to give him a Dilaudid syringe; She then took the syringe to a bathroom, removed the anesthetic and filled the syringe with tap water.

Pollack returned the spare syringe filled with water to the drug truck, according to the complaint filed Monday in municipal court. 601 Elmwood Avenue Ambulatory Care Facility 5th Floor (Silver Elevators) Rochester, NY 14642 All new patients are invited to complete this form and take you on your first visit. We advise you to appoint someone you trust – for example, a member. B from your family or close friend – to make health decisions if you lose the ability to make decisions yourself. By appointing a health care manager, you can ensure that health care providers meet your wishes. Once your health care proxy is signed, it is important to ensure that a copy is given to your agent, family doctor and other family members. A registered nurse working at the University of Rochester Medical Center has been charged with drug theft. Barbara Ficarra, Associate Director of Public Relations and Communications, made the following statement by email: Telephone number (585) 275-7424 or (585) 275-5681 Fax Number (585) 273-1041 Our location 601 Elmwood Avenue Amby Careulator Facility 5th Floor (Elevators) Rochester, Rochester, NY 14642 Broadcast Address 601 Elmwood Avenue/Box 696 Rochester, NY 14642 Use MyChart on your smartphone.

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